I5-3570k or i5-2500k

So as you all might know, the i5-3570k and the i5-2500k have a $5 difference. Im going to be doing alot of gaming.. Such as DayZ, Battlefield 3, Arma 2, Dishonored, and Black Ops 2. Which is better in gaming?

Please give a semi-detailed answer. :)

Thx in advance
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  1. 3570k is slightly faster

    though gets hotter when overclocked

    its newer architecture than 2500k so for a new build would be the way i would go
  2. No overclock to modest overclock -- 3570K
    High Overclock with air cooling -- 2500K
    High Overclock with custom water loop -- 3570K

    Considering you are not rally a PRO, go with 3570K
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