How do I figure out why my computer randomly restarts?

I built a new computer about a month and a half ago. Before I moved, it worked perfectly. It still works great, but since I've moved it randomly restarts, whether I'm playing a game or just browsing on firefox. Is there anyway to figure out why this is happening? Could it be the outlet I'm using?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. It's probably a loose connection or an unseated heat sink causing overheating.

    You can check your temps using core temp and/or HWMointor.

    For loose connections you could try moving jiggling the wires near the connectors while the PC is on, and see if it shouts down.
  2. As Z1NONLY told you, monitor the temps (Core Temp or HWMointor), but use one or another tool, not both at the same time -- check the wires!

    If nothing help, and you are sure the computer likes the new home, or it isn´t missing the old one, then you may have a faulty RAM, PSU or motherboard.
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