FPS drops when I shouldn't get them to the best of my knowledge anyway.

This is my first time actually asking something on this forum despite having read through it quite a few times so I was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I'm experiencing frame drops in games that I don't believe I should be, games like Blacklight retribution even with Dx11 turned off, Mafia 2 running erratically, stuttering quite frequently, regular drops in Dead Rising 2: OTR and various others and I was wondering why really, my specs are:
AMD Phenom X4 955 3.2Ghz
7.46gb of Useable Ram (8 overall)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 1.5gb
1TB Western Digital Caviar Green HDD
ASUS M5A99X EVO motherboard
And a 600W PSU

I'm thinking that my powersaving HDD could be bottlenecking me or it may have something to do with my PSU being quite low duty but I just don't know enough about hardware to figure out what I've done wrong with my build. Or am I building up my system to be more than it should be? Also possible. Again any advice would be fantastic on what I can do to sort this out.
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  1. you shouldnt be using a green drive for boots. they are meant for storage. but it shouldnt do too much

    might want to try to reinstall drivers
  2. @TheBigTroll - That’s correct, I totally agree.

    I’ve had some experience with greens as OS drives, they aren’t very good they take forever to do anything with and boot times are horrible.

    I do agree with seeing if you have the newest drivers installed; download them for you MOBO as well as your GPU.

    Does this only happen on these games? Or does the computer regularly get slow for a while?

    If the new drivers don’t work, start the game go into the processes tab by hitting good old "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" then setting the game to priority High or Real Time.

    I would also have temp program up that shows your MOBO temps and GPU temps, see if there is a temp that it starts to happen at, or a particular clock speed it happens at.

    If this doesn’t fix the issues, I would download a program called MEM test burn it to a cd and boot off it, let it pass 3-4 times. If that passed I would then download a program called HDD Tune to see if there are any errors on the HDD that could be causing bad data to be loaded into the ram when you start the game. If that passes I would then go onto installing the OS onto a new HDD if you have one to see if there maybe something installed on you pc that is corrupted or taking a lot of resources.
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