What graphics card shoudl i get

hello i have a Foxconn G33M02 motherboard an im looking to get a cheap graphics card for gaming games like arma 2 that need fast graphics i also have a corde 2 duo processor 32 bit and 2.00 gb of ramm any suggestions it need to run arma 2 very smooth
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  1. You did not mention your Power Supply. Please mention it as well.

    Offhand, I would recommend an AMD 7750 800Mhz graphics card @ $109.99 ( $99.99 with rebate):

    Here is a good reading on ARMA II requirements:
    The 7750 is around the same performance as the 4850 that is recommended except that the 7750 800 MHz does not require 6PIN PCIe connector.
    But the final recommendation depends on what PSU & budget you have.
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