No display on monitor after new heat sink install.

So I installed my hyper 212 plus and when I turn it on there is no display. But it does POST. I have tried resetting the cmos but thats about it. I couldn't think of anything else to do. Please help.
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  1. Make sure you have the power cable for the fan plugged in the proper orientation. Seen this many times.
  2. Well the cpu fan turns on and it is in the correct orientation
  3. And everything was fine prior too or is this a new build?
  4. CM Hyper 212 plus is hard to install -- make sure you haven´t touched the graphic card 6 Pin connector during the cooler installation.
  5. wait what? reword that. lol. I also got a new gpu, i installed the heat sink, then the gpu. Then i turned it on, and there was no display. So I removed the gpu and used the integrated graphics to see if it would display but still nothing. So is that what you mean?
  6. Does the GPU have the 6 pin power connector connected from the PSU (might be 2-6 pins or a 6 and an 8 pin connector). Do have another monitor or HD TV that you could check it on (using an HDMI cable for the TV).
  7. cball1311 said:
    And everything was fine prior too or is this a new build?

    sorry i didnt see this before. But yes everything worked fine before this. And the gpu does have 2 6 pin connectors. But I no longer have the gpu in because i wanted to see if the IGP would display.
  8. If it POSTs (one beep) then everything is in order as far as CPU and RAM. I would double check the monitor settings (if it has analog and DVI inputs) to make sure it is set for the one your using. Also, if you have another cable (VGA or DVI, once again, which ever you are using) and check that. DVI cables are cheap (under $10(US)). It is funny because the motherboard should autodetect if you are using the IGP.
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