How do i find a compatible video card for my laptop?

Hello, I have a hp laptop model g60-235dx and wanted to upgrade my video card, first is it possible to replace video card for this model and second which is the most compatible
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  1. No. Laptop's are not video card upgradeable. Once you buy it, the graphics is pretty much it.
  2. yea, once you buy a laptop, thats all you get.
  3. Only a small percentage of laptops (like 1%) gives you the option to upgrade the graphics card. They are gaming laptops and generally start at $1,500+. For example, most of the Alienware laptops allow you to upgrade the graphics card.

    Some Falcon Northwest laptops allow you to upgrade as well, but they are expensive; generally starting at $2,000 if not more.

    Either soldier on with your current laptop and deal with the low graphics performance, or buy a new laptop with a graphics card that meets your expectations for however many years you would like to use it for games.
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