Konig usb video grabber driver usbv g6 for window 7 64

Please help me.

I Installed the driver 5600tv 64

When i try open in any capture video software.
Error :
Can open your video capture device or using for other program.??

I Tried Sony vegas, Debut Video capture and apperance a error in blue screen, then shutdown my Pc.

I have win 7 x64
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  1. Looks like this file is the Windows 7 64 bit driver

    Is that the one you used? Did it install OK, show up in Device Manager? Did you check with the vendor to see what the issue may be? Reboot?
  2. Thanks i Bought other video capture Esasycap and i have the samae problem.
    Windows 7 64 is not ok for this devices i think!
    If u can helpme i apreceate. Easycap have a cd with the Honestech Software and Drivers for W 7 64, but i have the same problem before.
  3. I'd check with the support for the hardware at this point. If it states they run under 64 bit Windows 7, they should. Maybe you need a different editing software version.
  4. I Tried Sony Vegas, Ulead Video Studio 11 and Debut Video Capture Software.
    If u know a different sofware a can trie. Thx a Lot
  5. Best answer
    At least Ulead Video Studio 11 is from 2007, you need to try the new version. Are the other versions you are trying also as old?
  6. Eureka:
    Thx Hang the 9.
    I installed Power director and Work Fine

    THx Thx ThZ
    From Portugal
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