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hi their here's my issue (thanks again for looking). pc was working fine and put new sticks of ram in, and pc wouldn't boot, so put old ram back in, and still wouldn't boot, looked like a ram slot was pulled from motherboard. so put new motherboard in (ASUS M5A97) hooked everything back up, and still won't boot. now im wondering if it's a cpu problem or hard drive??? cpu is a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and hard drive is Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB. thanks
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  1. What does it do when you try to boot it? Any lights come on? Any beeping? Fans spin?
  2. yeah everything turns on i can open both my drives, fans lights all turn on
  3. Are you able to enter BIOS? If not, does anything even flash on the screen? More info is needed
  4. nope just a black screen, my mouse and keyboard won't light up at all,
  5. Are you sure you plugged everything into your motherboard correctly? If so, it could be a bad PSU. They go often.
  6. im positive i do, my machine is acting the same as when i thought a had a bad motherboard
  7. Do you have an extra PSU you could temporarily swap it for to narrow it down?
  8. yeah maybe I'll try that out, I'll yet yeah now thanks
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