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Graphics Card Problem

Recently after my computer wakes up from hibernation my graphics card doesn't seem to be functioning as it should. I currently have a Galaxy GTX 560 Ti GC. The display is functioning properly but when I launch up any game the frames have been reduced tremendously. I open up my MSI Afterburner interface and I notice that my core, shader, and memory clocks are extremely low. I seem to only be able to adjust my memory clocks but it quickly drops back down. Sorry if I am vague in some of my sentences.
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  1. But everything works fine if you restart?
  2. rolli59 said:
    But everything works fine if you restart?

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    Many years ago I gave up on sleep mode because something or the other would not work correctly after waking up so I would have to restart anyway. Looks to me hibernation can be as finicky. I got so frustrated trying to trouble shoot that and ended with the solution below, first thing I do after building a new system.
    My $0.2 is disable everything called sleep or hibernation and just shut down if you have to leave the computer for a while.
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