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I started putting together a new computer earlier today and when I turn on the power the fans will spin but the computer will not post. I do not have a speaker so I am not sure what kinds of errors I am getting on that end.

CPU: AMD FX 8120
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 7770
PSU: Thermaltake 600W
RAM: Corsair Vengance (2x4GB) 1600
MOBO: Gigabyte 990xa ud3

I have tested the GPU on my old computer and it works fine; the other parts I am unable to test due to my old computer being too old to support them. My old PSU also does not have the required connections to test on my new build. I read in some other threads that it could be a bios issue not supporting my current CPU and buying a cheaper CPU to put in to flash to a current bios might help. Any help on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I followed the steps on what to do if computer won't post and made it all the way through and still nothing. I do not see anything that would be causing it from not posting. At present I am running on a breadboard setup. I found a speaker from my old system and plugged it in; does not make any noise when turning on. Only thing is that I am not sure what bios version I have and the mobo site says that my CPU won't work before certain versions.
  2. That board has supported the 8150 since F4 but that was only around November so I guess with shipping/storage it could be that old.

    You might be a able to score a dirt cheap Sempron or such like on Ebay to see if it a BIOS issue, might be able to get one for not much more than postage (if I had one I'd post it!).
  3. Turns out that both RAM sticks were faulty; after replacing them everything booted just fine.
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