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I6 650 CPU(+fan+mobo) problems

December 24, 2012 9:11:20 PM

hi. i have some problems (3 exacly). maybe the community here can help me solve them.

CPU. my intel i5 650 (HT ENABLED) is supposed to be clocked at 3.2 ghz but in bios i see only 2.7 ghz whats up with that ?

FAN.i have a CM fan for the cpu who makes an insane noise (always rolls at 2.9 k per minute) and i have no idea what to do. in bios i have some option called ''smart fan control'' but if i lower the percentage whats gonna happen when im gaming?

MOBO. i have an msi p55a fuzion. my logo screen is off-screen a little and doesnt look HD at all only the basic animation if i change it. also can someone tell how to overclock my cpu using this mobo bios (overclock profiles :sleep:  )

THANK YOU :bounce: