Need quick answer!


Just need a quick check before I order my mobo.

I am planning to get

i5 3570k
gtx 670
corsair 500R

Asus P8zz-v LK version is on sale now.

Anything comment on this version?
Quick answer please ! :)
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  1. I have no clue what you are asking. I mean this build will work. That's the bes you're going to get unless you're more specific. Also I would suggest a 600w PSU
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    quick answer...thats a good board and a good company. will serve the purpose you need it for just fine. go for it
  3. Sorry I didn't put any detail because I wanted to get it before it runs out.

    $99.99 here in canada after rebate
  4. thats a good deal man I would go for it....I am a big asus fan
  5. Just bought it Thanks for the help!
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