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I upgraded some parts to a dell dimension. Everything seems to be in place but I can't seem to get it to boot up. With the power on I can hold the power led wires to the pins and they will light up, but if I connect the power switch to the correct pins nothing happens. Could this be the motherboard gone bad?
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  1. State the Dell Dimension model and state the upgrades you made with the specific model name/numbers.
  2. The switch might of gone bad, could be messed up contacts inside the switch or it could be mechanical problems or broken wires going to the switch.
  3. It was a Dell Dimension 2400. I upgraded the psu with a LOGISYS 480W ATXx12V, a Biostar H61GMC LGA1155 motherboard, the Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3ghz and 2x4gb G.Skill 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333.
  4. Yeah, well that power supply and Biostar motherboard are not of the best quality. Are we also talking about the front panel connectors? It would not surprise me if the motherboard has gone bad...

    Read the manual and make sure the connectors are in the right place.
  5. Well the board is smaller than the original so the wires from the switch were too short to reach and also in the wrong slots. So I removed them and cut the led wires and spliced it to the power wires so that it would reach as the led lights on the front isn't important to me. But even trying to short the power with a screwdriver it doesn't turn on. But i can hold the wires for the led to the right set of pins and it will light up.
  6. Yea I knew the parts weren't the best quality but they were a good price. And yea it's the front panel connectors. I was assuming it was a bad board but I wanted some second opinions before sending it back.
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