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  1. 250w PSU?


    You will need a stronger PSU (Good brand, minimum 550w)

    You should also check the dimensions of the particular 680 you want to but and then measure the available space in your PC.

    Your CPU will also bottleneck that card.

    And the motherboard is AM2+, so your CPU upgrade opportunities are limited.

    Sorry, but getting a 680 to work well in that rig may be a bridge too far. (too far to be worth it at least)
  2. What's your budget? Could go for a budget AMD build that you could upgrade, even more, later.
  3. so if i get a better psu i can?

    and my budget is 700$ and i just got this pos pc for 300$
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    you have 250 watt power supply --- thats not enough for a 680 --- you need high quality ps , mine is a corsair 640w you have to upgrade the power supply - this will allow you to install the 680 - thats the minimal approach.......... - also
    newer games like bf3 utilize 4 core processors - not necessary but recommended .....especially if you get a 680, a dual core processor will hobble your gaming performance also have ddr2 memory ....ddr3 is faster ....realize that you need to do the following to realize the potential of the 680..... new motherboard and quad core cpu( i prefer intel 2500k processor), new ddr3 memory ( i have gskill ripjaws 8gigs)... in other words keep the case and hard drive and dvd - everything else goes - you should be able to get mb mem and cpu for about 500 bucks and the 680 will cost about 500...and then the cost of the power supply
  5. John117 said:
    so if i get a better psu i can?

    and my budget is 700$ and i just got this pos pc for 300$

    How long is just got, like long enough to return it. There's a lot we can do for $1000.
  6. cant return it its been 2 months

    :( man I'm gonna have to save up! its cheaper to play console games. i has a ps3 but i just luv the feel of a pc and want to convert to pc gaming.

    Also if i do all this is it worth it, will i just have to upgrade something else soon or will i be set for a couple years?

    this is under 700....i got this quickly --- do some research you just might be able to pull it off for 700
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