Dell Poweredge r410 server value?

I am looking to buy a Dell Poweredge r410 server from a friend and was wondering what it is worth. The specs are as follows: Intel Xeon 5520 2.26ghz quad core cpu, 2x6gb of 1033mhz ram, 4x 1Tb 7.2k rpm Dell Hard drives, Front Led Diagnostics screen, 2x 500w psu, and Windows server 2008. I have reasearched on the dell website and ebay. Ebay I cannot find a exact hardware match obviously. On dell it came to about $2600 without knowing the fine details. I was wondering how much it is worth used as it was made in 2009. Thank you for the help guys.
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  1. Not sure if you made this purchase but paying $2,600 for that seems in the ball park of being reasonable. Connect with me and let me explain to you how I can save you about $800 off that price!

    e mail is
  2. Perhaps this video overview migh help:
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