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I currently have an Intel Core2Duo Q6600@2.40GHz with 3.0GB of RAM, a WD Raptor 10000rpm hdd, and a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 EPS512 PSU. THe GPU is an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512. For some reason I am getting random reboots and I cant find out if its my PSU or my HDD crapping out. The HDD came from the last build I had and I just swapped it into this one and its been fine, but one day my computer just started randomly rebooting and I get no message. I turned off the "Automatic restart" in the control panel settings and it doesnt even give me a BSOD. I checked event viewer and got nothing. There is no trigger as well, although it seems to do it more when im playing Counter-Strike(i know its old). I dont think its a heat issue because I grabbed one of the garage fans and have it blowing right into the case and it doesnt seem to help. Sometimes it will reboot as soon as I get into the game and other times it will let me play a few rounds and then reboot. How can I troubleshoot this properly so I will know which component to replace?
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  1. No blue screen? Strong chance it's the PSU then.
  2. Is there any way I can test this to be sure? I'd hate to spend money on a new PSU and then find out thats not the problem.
  3. Not unless you have another psu to try it on, friends or something.
  4. Its weird I switched back to the other Raptor hdd I had and it hasnt rebooted yet. Im not crossing my fingers or anything, but im guessing if it doesnt do it here with this drive, it must be that the old drive is going bad.
  5. Possibly, download a program called "crystal disk info" then hook up the suspect drive and run the program. Navigate tot he suspect drive and it'll tell you if it's in good shape or not based on it's S.M.A.R.T health check. If it shows orange, as warning, then it's best to leave that drive outta your system.
  6. Ok so ive done all that and still have the problem. I even went as far as buying a new power supply and same problem. I took the vid card out and cleaned all the dust and same with the CPU heatsink and still the same problem. I thought it might be that my sound card itself(sb0460) didnt have the 4 pin floppy power connector attached to it so i tried that with the same results. I believe now its narrowed down to cpu/mobo/ram. It has G.skill ddr2 ram 2x2GB sticks. The mobo is a DFI Lanparty P35 UT T2R. It has an Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz. Any other suggestions? I ran memtest for a while with no errors as well.
  7. My bet is mobo then. I'd try breadboard the whole PC outside the case on a non static surface, non conducting surface, like a chunk of plywood. Piece of cardboard will work too. This will eliminate any chance of a short, and if that's not it, at least you'll already have the board out of the case for RMA.

    Not likely the RAM since they passed the memtest, if you haven't yet reseat them just to be sure. Wouldn't hurt to re-install the cpu as well. Check for signs of arcing.
  8. I went through and pulled out the RAM, CPU/heatsink, video card and checked it all, cleaned it, and reinstalled it. Sometimes it will let me play my game for 10 minutes before rebooting, sometimes I dont even make it into the game. I have all the cmos settings stock to rule that out. I noticed this though....I downloaded Prime95 to check that, and when I run Prime95 on the blend test, it almost immediately reboots. When I run it on the Small FFT's test, it ran overnight with no errors. Ive pulled the RAM 1 by 1 to see if that was the problem and no fix. I swapped the power supply and that wasnt the problem(luckily Best Buy took it back). I almost bought RAM last night but im running old PC2-6400 RAM that I've had for like....5-6 years. I figure if Im going to do that, ill just upgrade cpu/ram/mobo all together. I almost got an intel SSD hard drive to install and see if it was possibly the hard drive. Im running an old WD Raptor 10000rpm hdd thats probably 6-7 years old.
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