Question about Power and Cooling in my first Homebuild

Hey folks,
I'm begining the process of building my first desktop and I wanted to ask for your advice on a few things. My planned build is:

Zalman Z9 Plus Mid Tower, 4 fans - 59.99
Antex EA-500D Green EarthWatts 500w - 59.99
i5-3570k - 239.99
MSI Z77A-G41 - 114.99
Zotac GTX 560 ti - 234.99
Muskin Silverline 2x4GB 1333 - 4299
Kingston SSDNow 128gb - 79.99
DVD Drive
Firewire Card

Future Upgrades:
Larger standard hard drive
Aftermarket Heatsink

Ill be purchasing all this from

I've done a lot of research on my parts, but am wondering if my power supply will be enough for the system, along with the future upgrades and a low level of overclocking on the cpu and gfx card? Can I get away with OC'ing the cpu or should I wait until I get the aftermarket heatsink? Is 4 fans enough to properly cool the system with or without overclocking?
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  1. If the intent is to get either a more powerful or a second graphics card later on down the road, I'd probably recommend going for a more powerful PSU now. At least something in the 650 watt range.

    The four cooling fans of the case should be more than sufficient for exiting hot air from the interior of the case, even in an overclocked scenario.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I've made a few adjustments and am now going to move down to the i5 3450 and an h77 board, and I've changed the video card too an HD7850. Should be in the clear for the power supply now right? If I do an upgrade down the line to the graphics card, I can always purchase a new PSU then, but I see that being a few years down the line.
  3. Should be fine.

    -Wolf sends
  4. 500W PSU is fine/large for that build.

    Google your CPU plus TDP -- you'll see its a 77W max part. With OC that could go 100W or so. Your graphics card is a 170W part. OC to 225W.

    The rest of your PC uses less than 50W. Total power required = 350W. A solid 500W PSU like the Antec has plenty of headroom. It also has the two 6 pin PCIe connectors you need.
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