Windows experience index downgrade?

hello all ,
i have a minor problem
i have a hd 6770 which was rated 7. 3 on aero and 7.3 also on gaming (using catalyst 12.4)
i recently downloaded beta driver 12.6 and my experience index went down to 6.5 in both gaming and aero
i ran the test again and it increased to 6.8 in both.
any idea why it is happening?
any help will be appreciated

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  2. Considering it's a beta driver, it probably isn't completely optimized yet. Roll back to 12.4 and see if it makes a difference.
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    Because WEI is a joke, lol. Seriously, you could run it a few times in a row and get slightly different results every time. The Beta driver may not be as well optimized though, as Anub1s said.
  4. thanks for the help guys . will roll back to 12.4 and see
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