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i am not sure what to get. a CORSAIR Hydro Series H80 or H100 . but i am also looking at COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO
i have a 2600k cpu . stock cooler. my case is big enough for the H100. size is no problem lol. Rosewill THOR V2-White Edition .Full Tower Case

room temp is always around 25C .... my CPU temp with stock cooler are idle 33..35C under load . {example gaming BF3} 72....75C no OC.

if someone got a better cooler in mind i am happy to hear about it. should be 110USD or below.

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  1. Generally the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Evo is the way to go
    it is cheap and excellent price to performance, can add a 2nd fan and can easily handle decent overclocking

    (if your looking at extreme overclocking even the H100 would be no good, most will reconmend a proper watercooling kit)
  2. Anything above 4.5 and you are going to want a noctua nh-d14 or a open loop water cooling system at that price range.
  3. i don't feel up to building my own water-cooling just yet . this is the fist pc build in many years. i did just read about the Antec KUHLER H2O 920. the prize is about the same. i always did like CORSAIR stuff. but what you guys think about the ANTEC.
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