Motherboard boots up (logodisplay) then nothing

So I put together a system, sort of an old canible into a case of an old pre-built hp (ie POS). Everything on the hardware end seems fine, the motherboard boots up to logo and i can access the bios but as soon as that passes I get nothing but a tiny little underscore curser that binks to eternity.

I figured it might be the hard drive I put in, I wasent sure if I needed to initialize it on a fresh install, so I did, (though I didnt partition it. But after initializing it (on my real computer) It seemed to work just fine.

The mobo came up and the bios read everything including the optical drive but for some reason it wont seem to get passed that blinking prompt.

I figured I would get the press any key to boot from disk and I dont, I made sure the boot order picked the optical drive first and still i get nothing.

I tried both the 64bit and 32bit disks for windows seven.

I am about to try an old XP disk, but i figured I would post here to see if anyone knows whats up.

Do I need to use a floppy disk to flash the bios to use windows 7? It is an older motherboard (circa mabey 2009).
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  1. So, you installed windows on your HDD on your real computer and then put it into the other computer? If so you won't be able to boot. You have to install windows on the machine that it is on. Windows checks the motherboard to verify its running on the computer it was installed on. If the motherboard is different it won't start.

    My advice is to reformat the HDD and then it should boot up windows and let you install it.
  2. yep that blinking line is about to say loading operating system but it does not because like crewton said it does not recognize the new computer so if you still have the installatoin disk re-install windows... this is not an hdd issue

    also in the window when you install there should be a drive options where you can format your drive.
  3. no, not at all man, sorry I might have put too much info into such a small space, I do that sometimes and its hard to digest.

    I have the original windows disk which is what I put in, and it dosent come up to load it.

    Also, I didnt install windows on another machine, I just initialized the brand new (and by brand new I mean re-furbished) drive, which is something you have to do to make a partition. MBR or GPT if I recall, Its an older machine and a small drive so i chose MBR, but i didnt partiton it as I wanted to do that when I installed windows. Do I need to partion it as well as initialize it before the press any key to boot from disk option comes up? cause thats whats not coming up, its just sitting at that blinking bar for eons on end, Ive inserted both the 32bit and 64bit disks, both dont seem to initiate a response
  4. :/ i dont konw
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  6. Is this hard drive an IDE or SATA drive? Make sure your jumpers are in the correct spots if you have an older drive. Also, use the drive in another computer, reformat to NTFS then pull it out and try to install windows on the drive if you cant use the formatting utility from the windows disk.

    Keep in mind, if it originally had XP on it, you will need to format the drive as XP does not allow you to change mobos etc. without reinstalling.

    I might not fully understand what your issue is but hopefully this helps.
  7. fresh sata 3 drive going into a sata 2 port, never had anything on it. Just initialized the drive on my other pc, but didnt partition it.
  8. When you initialized it did you ensure to create at least 1 partition? If the space is "Unallocated" it may not recognize that there is any open space or even somewhere to put the new install of windows.
  9. Also, is it even taking the windows installation? It shouldnt matter if you have a HDD in the PC or not. If you're booting with a windows disk it should unpack the files and run the installer from the disk until you select install from the HDD menu. (In theory, at work so cant test).
  10. I think thats the thing, the windows installation is not coming up, i restared with the disk in and I dont get the press any key to boot from disk
  11. So its posting but it doesn't give you the option to select the form of booting.

    Go into your bios, find the boot priority and move your CD rom to the top of the list. That way it will boot from the disk 100%. After you install, rearrange the order back to your hard drive.

    Alternately, you can try to hit f11 (if memory serves) to get the list to come up. It wont always post the options on the screen. Just go up the line to see what you get.

    Just keep trying it
  12. CD IS at the top of the list
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