Possible static damage on HDD?

Hi people. Just a quick question for advice.
I was installing a few parts into the case before my mobo goes in tomorrow when my CPU turns up and I have been wearing a anti static wrist strap but without realising, and while installing the HDD, it became un-clipped from the case that I had clipped it on to earth it.
Now I can't turn the system on to test it as the only part I am waiting for is the CPU.
The question I have is when I finally power up for the 1st time, what are the symptoms of the HDD being damaged by static and what will I need to look out for?
If anybody can help, it would be muchly appreciated as this is the 1st time I've built a pc.
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  1. Cool.
  2. It's highly unlikely that you've damaged your HDD with static. I've opened my computer, and touched the HDD a lot of times without discharging myself. Not on purpose of course xD
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