Netgear n300 wireless adapter driver for linix windows 98 and windows xp

whta i need is a net gear n300 wireless usb adapter driver that works for linux, windows 98, windows 982nd edition and windows xp because i'm switching this computer to windows xp and i need a solid internet connection throughout the entire process or a way to switch my computer to windows xp with out the internet conection like a download of the windows xp instalation file any of these would help.
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  1. the main problem will be finding drivers for Win98 or Win98SE since there was no more support for those OSs when the hardware came out.

    you can use the wrapper in Linux to install windows driver if no Linux drivers are available.

    XP drivers are available on the Netgear website.

    for more drivers check the chipset manufacturer website.
  2. im mean a driver that works for all so that when i switch oporating systems each time the driver stays and i dont loose my conection
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