How to repair viewsonic lcd monitors

I am using a viewsonic VA1918wm lcd monitor, its working fine, but whenever I push the on/off button on front panel, it displays “ POWER BUTTON IS LOCKED”, I WANT to know how to unlock the button. My Email add is
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  1. Don't see an online manual for that monitor in a search, but if you go though the menu options you will find a way to unlock the power button.
  2. call or email there customer service them about ur issue. this is the best solution.
  3. The monitor on/ off button is stuck if it is not turning off. This will cause all kinds of issues including scrolling menus and the like. It is a physical problem. Depending on the model, you will literally have to place something underneath the power button ( central blue if lit on my model) to unstuck it thus releasing the screen message or scrolling issues. Believe it or not I used a butter knife at first until I found something I could use to hold the On/Off button tilted slightly back from underneath. Only thing I could find that worked. Find something thin to replace what I used that accomplishes the same thing. Button pushed back and slightly raised. Hope that helps. On actual depress buttons (towards the monitor) obviously this will not be the solution.
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