Format needed for upgradinf CPU+MoBo+RAM+....?

guys i upgraded my old school-
1.amd athlon x2 4400+ 2.3ghz
2.2gb ddr2 ram
3.msi am2+ ms-7373 mobo
4.ati 6670 1gb ddr5
1.i5 3570k
2.asrock z77 extreme4 mobo
3.2x4gb ddr3 corsair vengence
4.will upgrade my graphic card later right now still stick with 6670
5.cooler master hyper evo 212 cooler
5.corsair gs600 watt psu
not really upgraded but i got things in my hands
cant wait to plug and play :bounce:

so i want know whole hard drive (1tb) format is needed or just c drive (windows 7 32bit)?
soory for offtopic but 1 thing still itching myself that i might have more benefits if i go with amd fx8350
so what do u think guys 3570k is better than 8350 or i made a bad decision.........(i'm a casual gamer.. most used for games and emulators...but it is not that i will not use computer for other works...
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  1. 3570k kicks the crap out of the FX-8350

    Here's why:

    The CPU dictates the 99th percentile of frames, and even higher, the CPU does bottleneck the video card, the question is what percentage of the time is spent under X fps?
    - The below graph demonstrates this pretty clearly.

    Bear in mind this is with the HD7970 GPU, which is even more powerful, and the AMD-8350 chokes it pretty badly!

    Well, the 8350 won't bottleneck you to the point that your FPS drops below 60, so it's a non-issue really.

    - Anything over 16.666~ ms is under 60fps!

    - Looks like a really bad deal to me.
    - The above graph was taken from a Radeon HD 7970 3GB card using v12.3 of the drivers.

    The Core i5 outperforms the AMD-8350 in every game, the performance isn't close.
    - 'performance' including the minimum frame rate, 99th percentile and stuttering issues, etc.

    1 in 8 frames will stutter on the AMD-8350 due to it's design, the Intel Core i5 is much smoother.
    - The reason for this is that it is really just a 4 core CPU with SMT, the resource contention within the AMD-8350 makes it terrible to game on.
  2. Hi

    Do you have a legal copy of Win 7 64 bit available ?
    (retail copies often have 32 & 64 bit DVD's + one key)
    Otherwise having more than 4GB ram is wasted

    If you have OEM Windows 7 you can not re use it on new motherboard

    If you have partitions C: + D: then only C: would need to be formatted
    (whether instaling 32 or 64 bit version)

    Actually the old Windows 7 will probably startup on the new hardware but as a gamer a fresh install would be better.

    Transfer would be helped by un-installing hardware specific software drivers before shutting down on old motherboard for last time. such as sound chip and hard disk controller drivers.


    Mike Barnes
  3. i have legal copy of windows 7 64bit........
    what do you mean by 'Otherwise having more than 4GB ram is wasted '??
    will extra 4gb will wasted ram for me?? @Mike Barnes
  4. 32-bit consumer versions of Windows have a limit of 4GB of address space available to them.

    2^32 = 4GB
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