HD6870 constant driver crash, please help :(

Hi, I have an xfx 6870 black edition dual fan which is "factory overclocked" to 940/1150 mhz at stock volts, it is utterly useless at stock volts and appears very unstable, I constantly get the "display driver has stopped responding and recovered".

I have tried slowly increasing the voltage to the card to try to increase stability however this doesn't appear to work, tried removing all traces of the driver, CAT 12.4 but this doesn't work either.

The crashing is worst in crysis 2 which I am trying to play through;

Using afterburner to monitor the usage, it averages about 90% usage but then randomly spikes to 99%, the card then crashes EVERY TIME at 99% usage.

Temps are fine as I run the fan at 80%, they dont go over 70deg C

Appreciate I could just run the card at 900/1050 but that defeats the purpose of why I bought it.

I have no artifiating and have a 2month old 750 ocz psu so don't think its that, beginning to think the card is faulty.

Anyone else had a problem like this and can offer some advice?!

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  1. "display driver has stopped responding and recovered"

    This has got to be one of the most annoying issues I have ever had, it was prevalent after atleast 3 driver reinstalls, multiple versions etc.

    For now try and uninstall it, run driver sweeper in safemode, get rid of all ati/amd drivers (NOT CHIPSET DRIVERS!) then reboot into non safemode and install an older version (like 12.2 or something)
  2. I've had this issue since I got the card in October 2011, when it works it works perfectly well which is why its so frustrating.

    I replaced my PSU as my old one was old / crap and the issue seemed to go away.

    The random spiking to 99% then crashing is the weird bit though, anyone else experienced this before?

    Hoping its just crysis 2 stressing the card as it uses 990mb of the 1gb vram....grrrrrrrrr
  3. Does it crash when running furmark?
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