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My cpu temperature is 98 0c What should i do ?

My cpu is showing 98 0c all the time
Pls help me out
Shall i run my pc or not ?
Plz help me ?
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    Which CPU is it?

    Check the cooler of your CPU. Is it in the right position?
    Be sure that the fan is working and clean, remove dust.

    Next step if the CPU is still hot, exchange the old heat-conductive paste under the cooler with a new one.
  2. The cooler of cpu is in the right position and fan is also working fine but i didn't check the heat conductive paste under the cooler.
    I want to tell u one thing that i had once removed the cooler of cpu that time i was unknown about the heat conductive paste i think i made the mistake that time only.
    I m really worried about this shall i use my pc at this condition or not ?
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  4. remove the heatsink and check thermal paste distribution on the heatsink .. that is the only way to know.... try reinstalling the heatsink first ..
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