Well i bought a CPU/mobo combo never thought to inspect before leaving store, now i learned. CPU socket pins are bent and wont exchange, im also concerned i prob burnt CPU correct?

I gave them a BBB complaint, this morning customer relations called me and looking into matter and apologized.

Motherboard looked tampered with but never thought it was damaged, the anti bag was opened not sealed and pages looked used.


Its a amazing what a BBB complaint does, i hope it gets resolved. I also encourage to pay by credit card, not debit card or cash. Most credit card company's will resolve it as well or at least a charge back
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  1. well at least microcenter sells stuff for dirt cheap. i wouldnt know what their customer service is until i visit the states
  2. customer service is 1 so far, they need to have people expect them before leaving store, if they told me i would of, on receipt says must be returned within 15 days. Yes maybe this is why there cheap
  3. I had a very good experience with Microcenter. Maybe I was lucky? I did not inspect the MOBO & CPU and they are still working.

    I hope they take good care of you.
  4. ok i got off phone with them, there requesting a RMA from there asrock buyer, keeping fingers crossed. You think CPU is fried or ok?
  5. They let you leave with a Motherboard and CPU and didn't essentially require you to let them perform a POST test on it? Every time I've got a processor and motherboard there, they ask to POST test it otherwise they won't accept a return. That's interesting. I wouldn't have gone as far as contacting the BBB until I returned to the store and asked them what they could do for me. It's a bit of an overreaction.
  6. she just said not accepting return because of bent pins, to make it worse she bent pins more. Also she opened it up hands all over it. Im going back to test cpu because i think its prob no good as well
  7. I live in Arizona, so the nearest MicroCenter is in California. However, I emailed them a while back asking if they ever had plans to expand into Arizona. I never got a response from them. A simple "Thank you for your interest, but no we do not plan to expand" would have been fine. The only place we have here is Fry's Electronics, and I have horror stories I could tell you about their "customer service". I won't go near Fry's any more.

    Hope they take care of you. I realize these companies have to protect themselves from unscrupulous patrons, but it affects the honest customers sometimes.
  8. Too bad Microcenter has closed their store in North California.. Now Fry's have all the incentives to bump upthe prices :(
  9. Yes i heard about them. If its a issue with motherboards/cpu they should tell customer to inspect contents before leaving store and sign a release form. I never thought of it when i left, but if employee told me about this policy you know i would of checked it out good and with how the box looked opened i would of wanted a new one bt i cant prove that so now im out. im hoping they will come through
  10. Eventually places with no customer service will be out of business guaranteed. unless you have a deep pocket like walmart does. Aka Circuit City, Compusa to name a few
  11. needs one in canada but we have ncix so its ok
  12. ncix are good, I had issues and quickly resolved. Case came with missing screws, took care of me asap. A++
  13. I have had mixed experiences at the now recently closed Micro Center in Northern California.
    I bought an Asus motherboard there and it had bent pins. They claimed that bent pins do not make it out of the factory. They would not let me return it but did allow me to buy another mobo with the $50 discount.
    Then I returned a HDD this last month that was faulty. They took it back no questions asked.
  14. i have yet to hear about someone complaining about ncix. the bad reviews' issues can be solved pretty quickly if they bothered
  15. I looked at google and it seems many people claim of bent pins at Micro Center. Im not saying dont buy from them but expect contents before leaving store. If box looks opened dont purchase. Interesting so did you buy same board?
  16. to bad ncix dont price match microcenter i tried before i purchased.
  17. I did get the same board... but I had them inspect it before I walked out the door.
  18. Ok someone just called me from micro center not giving name, they put a request in for RMA. Should hear from today they said. Well thats my next step i guess. I like to check CPU as well. you think cpu is ok?
  19. drillsar said:
    to bad ncix dont price match microcenter i tried before i purchased.

    they dont price match anything thats in-store pricing or anything that is 20% lower than their listed price. i tried to price match a newegg shell shocker and it didnt work
  20. Ok I went to patterson store today and talked to the manager, he said he will authorize exchange, so he got anotherboard we both looked over it, another one clearly opened and bent pins, now he I guess beleived me so he told me to come back tuesday as he said new ones will come in. make sure guys dont leave store without checking
  21. at ncix, i doubt we can do that. they package everything way too well
  22. Microcenter has a issue, 4 guys came back with same problem but they said this a courtesy. One time only.
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