What graphic card to buy for my system

my processor is only a
AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.00 ghz
4gb ram
my current video card is a 9800 gt 512mb nvidia

its kind of wearing out

my question is what video card would be best for my processor meaning that the video card should be a little lower than the processor cause im not changing it anytime soon
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  1. By wearing out, do you mean that it is failing, or, do you want a graphics card upgrade for improved gaming?

    For better fps, buy the strongest card you are comfortable paying for.
    Get one that is several notches stronger, or you may be disappointed by the small increase.

    Something like a GTX550ti, for example.
  2. radeon hd 6770 or radeon hd 6850 depending on budget, resolution and other factors.
  3. wearing out as in that i have to clean it monthly for it to run stable

    and also im not really a hardcore pc gamer i have a xbox 360 which i mainly use

    my pc is for Hon , lol or dota 2 or maybe some new online game like guild war 2

    thanks for the fast replies
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