Does 4 Speaker set-up include Subwoofer?

I have the A7A board with the C-Media on/board sound and I am planning on buying a Labtec Pulse 424 2.1 speaker set up and moving my current stereo speakers to the rear to give myself a 4.1 set-up, I would just like it confirmed that when the mixer is set to a 4 speaker output, that the subwoofer will work and that my stero speakers will also work in the rear? (its just that it says 4 not 4.1. A similar quesiton can be asked for stereo and 2.1)

Many Thanks

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  1. I can't give you a yes or no because I don't know enough about the subwoofer, but let me explain.

    My 4.1 speakers for example, all connect to the sub. I have to 1/8" into the sub, and 4 RCAs out to the 4 speakers. It's 4.1, but only has 4 separate signals going out of the sound card. Does that make sense? The only way you could do what you're proposing is if you can run four signals into the sub and then run four back out.

    Make sense?

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  2. Yes, it will work.

    BTW--doesn't the C-Media sound better than the SoundBlaster??? =)

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  3. Subwoofers DO NOT REQUIRE a separate channel. While some soundcards do provide one, it is not necessary. Even an old Soundblaster 16 does 2.1 sound, becuase the subwoofer is not handled separately by the soundcard but rather uses a simple capacitor for the crossover. Add a rear channel and you have 4.1, so any dual channel sound system will allow a 4.1 settup.

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