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Which CPU + Mobo on a budget?

I'm rocking a prehistoric CPU from 2007.
A Core Duo e6320. (Yikes I know)
Also a pretty ancient desktop.
Need a new CPU so I'll need a new Motherboard.

Gaming is getting a tad annoying at this point, and after Christmas spending I have about 200$ left to spend online.
I've been browsing newegg and was wondering on your guys opinions for a CPU+Mobo for some budget gaming.

Current Specs
Intel Core 2 Duo 6320
x2 2GB DDR2 Ram (I will obviously replace this also)
P35-DS3L Motherboard
HD Radeon 6750 (Will upgrade later)

But atm, just situated on CPU and Mobo.
I don't care what brand personally.

Edit - I've been looking at a AMD Phenom II X4 965 ($84.99 on newegg) in combination with a mobo but that CPU runs at 125w which kinda worries me.

-Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    The 965 is a good replacement for the price and the 125watt thermal output is nothing to worry about. Match it with an AMD 9xx chipset series board.
  2. I always recommend a good MSI made LGA1155 board with a Core i3 for gaming - dual core is great, has amazing performance, future proofs you, and on top of that it's hyper threaded so you have quad core like multithreading performance. Not too mention it's also very low powered with the 3220 at 55W.
  3. go for i3 3220
  4. So i3 is definitely better for gaming, if I'm not planning to overclock the 965?
  5. Meh, it'll be another 40$ for the i3.

    I'll just stick with the AMD.
    Thanks for the quick replies.
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