Zalman Z9 vs CM Elite 431 plus

What do you think is best?

Regarding prices, they are just about the same.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Also the antec 100
  2. To me the Zalman has the best layout.
  3. I think it's down to the zalman z9 vs the antec 200 V, opinions please :D
  4. I still like the Zalman over the 200 but the 300 is another story
  5. If you wouldn't mind maybe you could help me choose a decent case. I don't really care for looks as long as it doesn't look horrifically bad. The website I will be buying from is

    Here is a link to their case section, I would like to spend sub R750, preferrably as low as possible for a case that has some good quality. By the way, this pc will be used for gaming + school work. Also I will probably be putting a 660 ti and atx mobo in there and a 550W XFX PSU.

    Click me
  6. What do you think? Anyone?
  7. The Zalman Z9 under your budget but the CM431 is cheaper and serves the purpose.
  8. I think, I'm going to go with the z9 still. It looks great in term of aesthetics and the price difference between the 2 is R16, which is equivalent to $2. So, going for the cheaper won't be beneficial.

    THanks for all the help rolli :)
  9. The Zalman Z9 is better, as rolli said it has better internal layout. If it helps, I have the Cooler Master 431 Elite and the way the Hard Drives are mounted interferes with the GPU and it doesn't have any cable management options so go with the Z9.
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