Do i need 2 gb ram to make this GPU work

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  1. what? the motherboard RAM has nothing to do with the video card, you can have how much System RAM as you want, the price is so low, that i think you will pay almost the same price for 2gb or 4gb. you need RAM for your system to work so a good ammount is required for using windows, i recommend you minimum 4gb but if you don't have that no problem, the GPU will work normally...
  2. BUT i have 1gb ddr2 ram
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    yes, it is ok, the GPU have 1GB VRAM integrated, so it don't require the System ram for performance.

    if your Motherboard supoorts PCI 2.0 (the gpu BUS) than it is OK...
  4. no my mobo has onlu pci e x16 slot
  5. If you can, put your Motherboard model here, i can tell you if it will work...

    the ram memory isn't a problem for the GPU you can have problems using programs that use more than 1gb of memory (a lot of them does) but the GPU will work...
  6. it does have 1 1 x PCI Express x16 slot so yes it will work.
  7. thank you ricardois
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