Upgrading gaming PC - need assistance


I am looking to upgrade my PC because I am getting frequent bluescreens, memory leaks and overall poor performance.

These are the parts I am upgrading:

CPU Cooler

What I have:
I have 2x 150gb raptor 10k's and a 1tb hard drive should be sufficient until I decide to SSD.
I have a 1000 watt power supply
I have a 560 ti superclocked graphics card

I am looking to get some very solid parts to upgrade my PC. I want to stream games in 1080p. I also would like to overclock the CPU a bit or a lot and I want to maybe water cool it. I need a better case so air flow and putting parts in is much easier than my previous piece of junk. I also want a motherboard that will last me years and allow on demand overclocking. I heard asus has a bunch of good ones I just cant seem to find the right one. As far as RAM goes I want like 8gb of good performance.
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  1. I also have a rampage II extreme motherboard which I am sure could potentially be causing some of the issues but even if it wasn't this mobo cannot support the new chipsets for processors currently out right?
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