Gtx 480 vs. radeon 7850

hello community< this is my first gaming build and i have settled on all the parts but the gpu>
i was advised towards the gtx 480 by many people over the 560 ti and the 570.
Now after looking through many threads it seems that the radeon 7850 is a rival.
my questions is which is more powerful and better for gaming, heat and power draw already taken care of ,6 fans and 650 wat psu.
No biases please just raw power and info from reliable sourcers, no off the top of the head info.
thank you, multiple answers wanted.
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  1. raw power? 480 hands down.
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  3. Quote:
    480 is more powerful, and handles high res with AA better.

    It's downfall is it's huge power consumption.

    again you come to my rescue with answers about the 480, also how is the haf 912 instead, better reviews, also can i have numbers for evidence in the 480 vs 7850
  4. Here is about as close of a bench you will find. The GTX 570 is pretty much the same performance as the GTX 480 with the 480 producing good deal more heat. If you play at 2560x1440 or higher then the 7850 has a slight edge but on lower resolutions the 570 has the edge albeit they are very close.,3148-21.html
  5. GTX480 is a beast!It get's shot down because it runs hot and is a power hog.However,it's still one of the most powerful GPU ever made and you can run most current games on ultra/max settings.I would highly recommend you change the cooler so you can overclock the GTX 480 without heat issues :GELID Solutions GC-VGA02-01 1 Ball, 1 Sleeve VGA Cooler ICY VISION $54.99
  6. Also there is a lot of noobs and haters so if they decide to show up in this thread trolling and running at the mouth pay them no mind!The GTX 480 deserves more respect than it gets and make no mistake about it you won't regret buying the card.
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