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Hi, I have a hp pavilion dv6 3010us with AMD turion II Dual Core Mobile Processor P520( 2.3 GHz, 2MB L2 cache) with AMD M880G with ATI mobility radeon HD 4250. I've noticed that i can play most modern games, and i want to play modern games such as NFS The Run or Gta IV on high settings. Since I cant change my graphics card because its integrated, here comes the questions: Can i change to one of AMD's A-series APU for notebooks? Which APU? What are the conditions (eg. socket type)? Please if you need any further details on my notebook, contact me.
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  1. no you cannot. the socket types are sockets A1 for Llanno and A2 for Trinity. you'd have to change the entire logic board of your laptop, which will basically cost you the same as getting a new laptop. that side, the notebook editions of any CPU are not for sale to the general public. so I would start saving up for a laptop (or home built desktop) upgrade =)
  2. Please dont tell me that im stuck with my graphics. any other way?
  3. With laptops you are almost always stuck with the graphics chip they come with. Laptops don't work quite like desktops, most laptop components cannot be upgraded or are very hard to upgrade. There are a few laptops out there with changeable graphics cards, but they are the high end gaming laptops that cost $1500 and up. None of those would be equipped with a Mobility 4250 integrated graphics chipset.

    You are just going to have to either save up for a new laptop, or look at upgrading or building a desktop computer for gaming.
  4. Laban_18 said:
    Please dont tell me that im stuck with my graphics. any other way?

    Sorry to say, but probably not. you can try contacting the support service of your laptop and ask them, as if there's the slightest chance you can upgrade, you'll probably have to be buying the parts from them or at least get a list of supported parts that you can try to buy from ebay.

    laptops were never made to be mean gaming machines and have always gotten the short end of the stick in terms of graphics due to battery life (good graphics cards eat battery life, and people generally avoid buying laptops over 6 pounds or so).
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