Gateway GM5478 CPU Upgrade Issues

I'm probably in the wrong section, but that is only due to uncertainty.

I have recently purchased an older Gateway GM5478 and here were the specs:
G33 Gateway/Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 "Kentsfield" 2.40ghz 8MB L2 Cache
2gbs of ddr2
500gb western digital caviar blue
and those tv tuner cards.

I have upgraded the CPU to a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9500 "Yorkfield" 2.83Ghz 6MB L2 Cache, however it doesn't seem a whole lot faster, and infact a little bit slower. But I'm not all that worried about the speed, but the fans. It would seem as though I have messed up during the install or the BIOS does not support thermal readings on the new CPU because they are running at around 80 to 90% all the time. I'm not all that worried about it over heating because I can pull up a program called CoreTemp and I can see that it is fully cooled. However, I have not been able to test it under any stressful tasks, but really, I just want the fans to not be so loud if I can't have them auto adjust. Right now, there isn't really anything but the socket type and the FSB compatibility that I can go on, there are currently no other forum posts and Gateway has not listed any specific compatible Intel CPUs that are compatible with this BIOS, but because its working and the BIOS says all the specs of the CPU, again, I'm not too worried. But I'd like this fan issue to be fixed
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  1. Please note that the original CPUs fan was working properly and auto calibrated the fan speed. After the installation of the new one it did not, I will be reinstalling the original again to see if it only works on one of the two. If it does not, I'll purchase a new cooling system if need be.
  2. While it appears that your older motherboard supports the newer processor, you may want to check to see if your current version of BIOS natively supports your new processor and perhaps look for an updated BIOS for your motherboard.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Its updated to the latest BIOS release, version DPP3510J.15A.0316. It fixed the CPU recognition issue, however the fans are still bonkers.
  4. But again, this update did not include a changelog to see if any real new support was added, and there are no lists as to whether or not this motherboard/bios setup does actually accept the new CPU. Much less, any CPU. The only thing I have to go on is the FSB rate and the socket type.
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    Look at something like speedfan (google it) to see if you can bypass the fan control with an application.

    Windows should have picked up the right drivers for the fan control on the MB, however you might want to reload chipset drivers from HP. Maybe they do install time tuning of some kind.

    Aside: The Q9500 is faster than the Q6600, however as you can see from this chart, for gaming, the difference is negligible. The article says "I don’t recommend upgrading your CPU unless the potential replacement is at least three tiers higher. Otherwise, the upgrade is somewhat parallel and you may not notice a worthwhile difference in game performance." and the difference between Q9500 and Q6600 is only one tier.,3106-5.html

    IF you want gaming performance you need video. As you can see here a CPU comparable to the Q6600 and slower than the q9500 can run games at ultra with the right video.,3216.html

    edit: Also consider using something like Sissoft Sandra or Everest or CPUz to see if anything looks funny in the reported caches or processor frequency that would explain why the Q9500 seems slow.
  6. Thank you so much, I was actually thinking about using software to correct this issue but wasn't sure if it was entirely possible. I'll look into that and check it out :)
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