Lead vocals are too quiet when playing songs

Hello, I recently noticed a problem in my audio, the lead vocals in every song I play are too quiet and sort of echo-y.Sometimes when the lead and the back are overlapping, I can hear the back a lot louder than I should.I think this is happening when playing movies as well, although I used to think it was just the recording of the particular film that made the voices too low.My sound card is VIA HD VT1708S, I tried messing around with the audio deck program, but it was no use.All suggestions are welcome
On a side note, can I replace the via drivers with, sat, realtek ones or is that impossible since my sound card is via?
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  1. how many channels do you have it set for and how many speakers are actually hooked up? It sounds like you have it in something like 5.1 mode and don't have a center channel hooked up.
  2. It's set to 2 and there are 2.Don't even have the option for 5.1, only have even numbers as options.
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