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Probably an obvious question but I took my GPU out of my case to see how quieter it would be without it (very as it turned out)
but then I put it back in and now it doesn't work at all. The fan spins but I get no display. Is there anything that can be done to salvage it at all?
I'm replacing my PC in a week though so should I just put up with motherboard graphics for that time and save myself the hassle?
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  1. It has, everything is as I left it before removing the card.
    I think I might have shorted something because I (stupidly) blew the dust out of it
  2. 1. Try pulling out again to re-seat it.
    2. While in their make 100% sure the PCIE cables are connected well. (the fans can spin up via the power from the PCIE slot )
    3. If that doesn't do the trick do a BIOS reset either by pulling the battery or by pressing the bios reset button if your motherboard has one.
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