What PSU wattage do I need?

Hello,I need to buy a PSU...but I am not sure what wattage do I need and the psu needs to be modular.

Here is my configuration:
CPU:Core I5 2500k or 3570k(overclocked)
GPU:2xGTX 460 1 Gb(SLI)
Motherboard:Asrock z77 Extreme6
Ram:2x4Gb 1333Mhz
HDD:1x 1 Tb.

Any suggestions will be helpful!!(:
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  1. djangoringo said:

    Are you sure? I am not saying that you are wrong but others told me to go with 700 or more but not less than 700...I am confused;(
  2. Some recommended me to buy this one,and told me that it is cheap but awesome.

    Btw thank you for your time;)
  3. No, a 650w quality psu with four 6 pin pcie connectors is fine(, both the links i gave you have more than enough juice for your system.
    The 1º one is a 750w plus silver semi-modular made by seasonic(best quality brand of psus) branded design with xfx, which is more than enough.
    The 2º one is a 650w plus gold modular seasonic, which is also more than enough for your system, it can pull more than 650w.
    I wouldn't go with the ocz, it has multiple +12v rails, it's worse than the seasonic x-650w and i bet it's about the same price.
  4. Ok.
    I will consider that and I will buy a seasonic probably the one with 650w...
    I can also tell you that i have one seasonic now in my PC and I am happy with it,so thank you you were very helpful.Have nice holidays!
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