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I have a Compaq SR5233WM desktop that has a Asus IPILP-LC MOTHERBOARD/ Lancaster8-GL6. I am wanting to put a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU in it instead. I'm currently running Windows 8 Pro. 32 bit with 4GB of DDR2 RAM and the current CPU is a Pentium D 915 (P) DC 2.8GHz. The Chipset is a Intel 945GC. The socket for the CPU is a 775 Socket. I have found a the CPU I am wanting on eBay for a cool $85.00, but I am wonder if this CPU is compatible with my desktop. Anyone have the answer?
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  1. If Compaq sold the desktop with the same exact CPU, its compatible, if not, no. Your Pentium D is fine, I use a Pentium 4 & I'm more than content. If anything, I would build a brand new system - switching CPUs in a pre assembled computer can be frustrating cause you have to look for what the motherboard supports.
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