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i have a dell i5 n5010.. RAM 4gb... i want to play call of duty and the likes, whats is the most cost effective Graphics card i should go for? THE CURRENT ONE ON MY MACHINE IS AN INTEL I5 Gcard... is it sufficient for the same??
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  1. Well I can't find what your GPU is but I what I did find it has a HD 5470 in all the other Ri5 models. But the problem is that you cannot upgrade a GPU in a laptop unless it is high end gaming laptop.

    Yours isn't. The only thing you can upgrade is the RAM. So I have never herd of a intel i5 gcard. So I can't tell you if that would be sufficient or not. Sorry I have to tell you this stuff. Good luck to you and I hope your GPU will do what you want it to do.
  2. i think he means hd 3000/hd 2000 graphics
    and this is suffient to play cod @ highest settings
  3. ^^ That is good news for the OPl Thanks for clarifying that I was at a loss trying to figure out what he was talking about. The only GPU I could find that links to his laptop was the AMD/ATI HD 5470.
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