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my computer suddenly has a pink line through the screen, some other things I'd read elsewhere indicated this may mean that the video card is dieing, is this true? Its a very thin pink line, honestly I can ignore it.
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  1. Could be your graphics card or it could be your monitor. If possible, try connecting a different monitor to your system or connecting your monitor to a different computer to see if the pink line is still there.

    Your Monitor + Different Computer = Pink Line - It's your monitor
    Your Computer + Different Monitor = Pink Line - It's your graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  2. if it is a vertical pink line i bet it is a monitor problem, if it is soon will start to be displayed more lines, this problem happened on my Sony Bravia television. required a FULL LCD PANEL change for fix.

    could be a video card problem also, do as @Wolfshadw said, test in other monitor, or test the monitor in another device. just to verify wich one it really is.
  3. Its actually a laptop, I would be much happier if it were only a monitor problem. I will try what you have suggested, thank you both very much :)

    - R
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