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  1. Is that a question?
  2. No. Emulating the Cell CPU is going to take years to do properly, and will take at least a decade or so to have any PS3 emulators. Heck, even PS2 emulation is JUST getting good, and that was a 333MHz CPU!
  3. If you want to play game from console in the emulator then you can use this number..
    CPU of your target game console * 20 and thats the processor you need to run it, and baset on that, we save to say today there is no such computer system that can play ps3 emulator ^_^
  4. ^^ Actually, the rule of thumb is it takes about 4x the power to emulate a system via software. Of course, the problem now is you have a seperate GPU to emulate as well, which adds all sorts of other low level bus timing delays to the mix. You also have the overhead of an OS, which greatly slows down processing...
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