Phenom ii X4 965BE

IS this cpu still a capable gaming processor as i can get this a mobo and 8gb 1600mhz RAM for £150.
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  1. its still a good budget cpu. however that for 150 pounds isnt a good deal.
  2. a cpu, 8gb ram and a mobo?
  3. all pre-assembled
  4. ryanwyvill1 said:
    a cpu, 8gb ram and a mobo?

    I'm getting the same upgrade right now :P

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE + ASRock 970 Pro3 + Some 2x4GB RAM (not decided yet) = Around 170 euros.

    It's a good deal imo. You can't find a CPU this cheap for gaming at a decent quality. The cpu costs 85 euros to me, and compared to intel's quad's + gaming its very cheap!
  5. isnt this symbol £ british pounds? 150 pounds is about $241 according to google. that seems pretty expensive for a phenom 2, motherboard and 8 gigs of ram. if i bought these parts separately, i would spend about $180
  6. what would you recomend
  7. well it all depends on your budget. if you state your budget and the parts you need, people on this forum will build you the best price/performance computer :)
  8. upgrading cpu, mobo and ram willing to spend about £180-£200 but thats pushing it
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