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hi i have a lenovo thinkcenter 8808-9du an im seriuosly thinking about upgrading to a grapgics card i have 1 legacy pci and a pcie 1x. i have a 225 watt and due to its shape and size i cannot upgrade that so cant you guys think of anything i an do for more graphics power. i am currently using the integrated graphics of the cpu:intel e6300 which is the intel gma 3000. thank you
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  1. Nothing you can get for PCI will be a huge upgrade from the HD3000 you already have, it's just not worth the investment IMHO. You'd be better off saving up for a better system altogether.
  2. Sorry, but I have to agree with the poster above. You need a new computer.
  3. alright guys i can see what i can do lets say i want to build a computer what set of parts would you suggest on a budget of 650$
  4. Good

    (Sorry this time I used PC Part Picker)
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