Dvi to vga problem

i have a nvidia 9400gt graphic card supportig hdmi and dvi aswell as vga
My monitor is LG L177WSB unfortuately it has only one vga input
i want to connect my monitor to my graphic card dvi port with a cable but it is showing nothing wen connected to monitor what hould i do go connect it any solutions ...

i m also planning to buy evga gt440 problem here is it has two dvi ports and no vga port there is an option for vga port on gt440 but not on evga but i want to buy that any suggestiins plz thanks in advance
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  1. Do you have a DVI-I to VGA adapter?

    The DVI-I port on the GeForce 9400GT is most likely the primary graphics port on the card. The VGA port may not become active until after the graphics card driver is loaded.
  2. Do you have your dvi to vga adaptor to the Dvi-i?
  3. i have a cable wich connects dvi of my gfcrd to vga of ma mntr thats al i knw ....[DVI I ???
    9400gt msi 1024mb
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    MSI N9400GT-MD1G specifications

    Video Output Function
    Dual-link DVI-I x 1
    VGA x 1
    HDMI x 1

    A DVI/VGA Adapter should have been included in the graphics card package.

    DVI-D (digital video signals only)

    DVI-A (analog video signals only)

    DVI-I (both digital and analog video signals)
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