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Recently my 360 craped out on me. I think it was part of the north bridge becasue the is a rattling from the area when I move it. I am new to this but I was wondering if I could use the disc drive and the HDD from the 360 in a homebuilt PC to play 360 games on my PC. I already have a homebuild PC. I have limited knowledge in the area but I do not want to buy an new 360 as it is on its way out. Any links or replys would be greatly appreciated.

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    No. Game consoles, the original Xbox excepted, are almost entirely custom hardware. You might be able to pull the HDD out of the little case, and slap that into an enclosure, but that's about it.

    The Xbox 360 uses a custom made PowerPC based CPU, and has a modified version of DirectX used as the API. You would need to emulate this on a PC, and that would require far more processing power than the average computer has these days. Maybe in 5-6 years, higher end computers might be able to do it.

    What you may want to do however, is look into Microsoft's repair program. They have a flat rate of $100 ($120 if you do it over the phone) which is basically no questions asked. As long as you haven't done something that would void the warranty, they'll fix your console. Cheaper than buying a new one.
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