Tired of Dealing with Comcast's Netgear Gateway

Title says it all. I've been paying 8 dollars a month on this P.O.S. for 7 years, and I'm done with it.

I like to get the best I can get, but spending way to much money isn't something I want to do.

I need a router and a modem, and I just want to make sure these two will be good enough for my needs. I want high performance, I need something that can handle 5 computers hooked up to it at once. Four of these computers are wireless.



Like, I believe those (from reading reviews online) are both great and well priced. But what is the difference between the router I chose there, and one like this?


Is it really that much better? Is it really worth that much more money? Like I said I don't know anything about routers or gateways or modems. I just want something that is high performance, and doesn't break the bank. I've tried reading reviews online (not Newegg reviews mind you), but there are a lot of different conflicting opinions on just about everything.

So yeah, just looking for some advice, thank you.

EDIT - Also what are the difference in these? *Sans two being a gateway obviously*.


The only one on newegg is the 6120 that I linked earlier.
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  1. stay away from the Motorola gateways nothing but trouble. get the 6120

    I like the Dlink 825, netgear 3500 or 3700, linksys e2000 or e3000 since all these are good routers and can be upgraded with DD-WRT firmware to provide more configuration options if needed.

    I am not really into using the latest and greatest and become the guinea pig
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