Corsair 400r and Rosewill 5.25 card reader USB etc

Does anyone know if this will fit in the Corsair 400R? I was going to pull the trigger until I saw a review where someone mentioned that the short stature of this internal device may be problematic for a tool free case. Any help would be awesome thanks.
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  1. Ermmm well it SHOULD fit in the case since it's a 5.25" card reader so I don't see why not. But research it a bit more , if you need to message rosewill and ask them and see what they say.

    Good luck !
  2. Finally attempted to install it. I have access to the screw on the opposite side of the tool less quick latch, but not the latch side. The only way to secure it is by the screw hole under the latch. However the latch won't fully engage because of the length, and I would have to remove the latch to gain access to the screw. Why in the hell did Rosewill build it this way!!!
  3. If it doesn't fit then return it haha , get a different card reader :)
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