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How can i make my intel celeron 1.1GHZ faster :(
Its so slow!!!

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 847 @ 1.10GHz
RAM: 6.1 GB
OS: Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit
GRAPHICS: Intel(R) HD Graphics (I Know thats *** but dont worry for now it runs minecraft (: )

And also, my dedicated video ram says 32mb, anyway to higher this? on PC WORLD it says "Up to 1.7 GB (System Memory) How do you use the system memory?
Asap please :(
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  1. Celeron - the garbage of the processor industry.
    Your clockspeed is a big influence, 1.1 is LOOOW. I'm assuming this is a much older system due to that clockspeed - I'd replace the system, or replace Windows with Linux - Linux is much better with managing resources, and will make your Celeron feel a LOT faster.
  2. Its a new laptop i think, its advent monza t100, could i take it to a shop to upgrade the processor?
  3. Never heard of company - and most likely you cannot because processor upgrades depends on what the motherboard supports - I would honestly try to put Linux on it, or something like that. That'll fix a lot of stuff unless you need Windows.
  4. without replacing your laptop which is what you need to do, chuck a ssd in it while it wont make the cpu faster it will feel alot faster because your not waiting around for the load times too
  5. So i cant upgrade, alright thanks anyways (:
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